Energy use marginally up in 2004

In 2004 energy use in the Netherlands increased by one percent to reach 3,283 petajoules (PJ). The increase in energy use was somewhat below the level of the economic growth rate of 1.3 percent in 2004.

Almost 80 percent of energy in the Netherlands was consumed by the sectors manufacturing industry, services, transport and households. The remaining 20 percent was used by energy companies, e.g. oil refineries and power stations.

More natural gas extracted from national gas reserves

The extraction of natural gas amounted to 2,579 PJ or 81.5 billion m3, 18 percent more than in 2003.

Net exports of natural gas increased from 679 PJ to 1,041 PJ. Domestic use amounted to 1,539 PJ, including an inconsiderable 1 PJ extracted from the national gas reserves, domestic use amounted to 1,539 PJ, a 2 percent rise on 2003.

Extraction of natural gas, imports, exports and use

Extraction of natural gas, imports, exports and use

More natural gas, reduced use of coals

Generation of electricity in power stations involves an extra 6 percent of natural gas, the equivalent of 275 PJ (259 PJ in 2003). The increase is the result of the reduced use of coals and coal products by 4 percent for the generation of electricity. The use of biomass for electricity production doubled to reach approximately 14 PJ.

Fuels used to generate electricity in power stations

Fuels used to generate electricity in power stations

Electricity use hardly changed

The amount of electricity used by consumers was 331 PJ (91.9 billion kWh). Manufacturing industry accounted for 125 PJ. Electricity use was the same as in 2003. In manufacturing industry electricity use increased by one percent in 2004.

Electricity use

Electricity use

Share imported electricity stable

Import of electricity has been in the range of 75 to 77 PJ for several years now. Thus the current interconnector capacity is used almost entirely.

Some 23 percent of the entire amount of electricity used in the Netherlands is imported from other countries.

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