Major loss of turnover in retail trade

According to the latest figures by Statistics Netherlands the turnover of the Dutch retail trade was 5.6 percent lower in October 2004 than in October 2003. So the slight improvements in turnover developments of the first nine months did not continue in October. The major losses in turnover in October occurred both in the food and the non-food sector. In the food sector the downturn in turnover is mainly due to lower prices, while sales were down in non-food. 

Retail prices in October were 1.6 percent lower than in October 2003. In non-food prices went down by 0.6 percent.

Turnover supermarkets down by 4.1 percent

Turnover in supermarkets was 4.1 percent lower in October this year than in October 2003. Specialist food stores, such as butchers and greengrocers, saw a 6.2 percent drop in turnover. The turnover of the food sector as a whole was 4.5 percent lower than in October 2003.

Prices in shops selling food, beverages and tobacco were 3 percent lower. In October 2003 the supermarkets started a price war.

Non-food branches lost 6.6 percent in turnover

The largest losses in turnover in October occurred in the non-food sector. Stores selling consumer electronics had a decrease 13.7 percent in turnover compared to October 2003. Buiding supply stores and textile supermarkets also saw major losses amounting to about 10 percent. 

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