Dutch exports 12 percent higher in September

In September 2004 the value of the exports of goods was 12 percent higher than in September 2003, reaching 23.2 billion euro. Dutch imports were also up by 12 percent, reaching 19.7 billion euro. This is according to the latest preliminary figures by Statistics Netherlands. The higher value of imports and exports can be explained in part by higher prices. This occurred mainly in the increased value of the trade in raw materials and mineral fuels.

More trade with EU and non-EU countries

In September 2004 the Netherlands exported 18.2 billion euro worth of goods to countries belonging to the European Union. This was 13 percent more than in September 2003. Dutch imports from these countries also increased by 13 percent during this period, and reached 11.6 billion euro.

Dutch exports to countries outside the European Union were 8 percent higher than in September 2003, reaching 5.0 billion euro. Dutch imports of goods in September reached 8.1 billion euro, up 11 percent on 2003.

More trade with new member states in third quarter

There is a remarkably strong increase in the value of imports from the ten new EU-member states: over 50 percent more than in the third quarter of 2003. Exports to these countries also did well, with a growth rate of nearly 30 percent over the same period. This is substantially higher than the growth rate of imports and exports to all countries in the third quarter. The value of goods exports to all countries was up by 13 percent while imports increased by 14 percent during this period.

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