International trade substantially higher

The value of the imports and exports of goods in August was substantially higher than in August 2003. Imports went up by 20 percent reaching 18.2 billion euro, while exports rose by 18 percent, reaching 19.8 billion euro. This continues the upward trend of recent months, according to the latest preliminary figures by Statistics Netherlands.

Part of the value increase was due to higher import and export prices. August 2004 also had one working day more than August 2003.

More imports from the USA and China

The value of imports of goods from countries outside the European Union was 8.0 billion euro in August. This constituted a 26 percent increase on August 2003. Imports from the USA and China rose especially fast. Exports were up by 19 percent, reaching 4.6 billion euro.

The value of imported goods from EU countries was 10.2 billion euro. This is 16 percent more than in August 2003. Dutch exports increased by 18 percent and reached 15.2 billion euro. Trade increased especially with the ten new EU member states.

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