Imports and exports down in January

In January 2004 the value of imported and exported goods was 3 percent down on January 2003 as provisional figures by Statistics Netherlands show. Exports were worth 19.0 billion euro, imports 16.8 billion euro. Furthermore, January 2004 had one working day less than January 2003.

Trade with EU countries down

In January 2004 the Netherlands exported 14.6 billion euro worth to the countries of the European Union, 3 percent less than in January 2003. Imports fell by 2 percent to 9.3 billion euro. Over three quarters of the total Dutch exports go to the EU countries, whereas more than half of Dutch imports come from the EU countries.

Trade with non-EU countries also down

Dutch exports to non-EU countries amounted to 4.4 billion euro, 5 percent down on January 2003. The Netherlands exported 7.5 billion euro worth of goods to non-EU countries - that is 4 percent down on January 2003.

Import of food and drinks lower, chemical products higher

The most substantial decrease in the import of food and drinks was realised in January 2004 when the import value was 1.8 billion euro, 13 percent down on the same month last year. But in January 2003 the import of food and drinks was remarkably high. The decrease in imports did not apply across the board. The import of chemical products, for instance, was 6 percent up and amounted to 2.2 billion euro. The most substantial drop in export value concerned manufactured products which was 7 percent lower and amounted to 3.8 billion euro.

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