Slight increase in greenhouse construction

In the first three quarters of 2003 more building permits were granted for the construction of new greenhouses than in the same period in 2002. The number of permits granted increased from 154 to 170. In 2002, 211 permits were issued for the construction of new greenhouses. In 1998 and 1999 their number was still well over 450.

Building permits granted for new greenhouses

Planned building sum up

The planned building sum of the permits granted in the first three quarters of 2003 amounted to 84 million euro. In the same period of 2002 the building sum was 67 million euro.

Building sum for planned new greenhouses, first three quarters

Increase in scale: larger surface, higher costs

There is not only an increase in the total building sum, but also in the average surface of the new greenhouses. This means an increase in the average construction costs as well.

In 1998 the average greenhouse was less than one hectare. In 2003 it became over one and a half hectares. In 1998 the planned building costs for new greenhouses averaged 266 thousand euro. By 2003 this nearly doubled to almost 500 thousand euro. This comes down to almost 32 euro per square metre, which is almost 6 percent more than in 1998.

Average building sum and surface of new greenhouses

Bert Bunschoten and Cor Pierik

Source: StatLine (Dutch only)