Industrial selling prices almost unchanged

The selling prices of the Dutch manufacturing industry in October 2003 were on average 0.1 percent lower than in September. Domestic sales saw prices drops for the first time in five months (-0,4 percent). Dutch exported goods became 0.2 percent more expensive.

The drop in selling prices was moderated by price developments in the oil market. When the iol market is not taken into account the remaining drop in selling prices in October comes down to 0.5 percent.

Consumption goods more expensive

In October Dutch manufacturers of industrial products paid 1.4 percent more for their raw materials and semi-manufactured goods than they did in September. The consumption goods purchased in the Netherlands increased in price by 2.2 percent, while imported raw materials and semi-manufactured goods were 0.6 percent more expensive than in September. Apart from the influence of more expensive oil products, the price increases of electricity and agricultural products contributed most to these price developments.

Producer prices compared to the previous month

Selling prices lower than a year ago

Compared to October 2002 selling prices are down by 0.9 percent. Consumption prices increased by 1.4 percent on October 2002.

Producer prices compared to the previous year

Corien Ooms