Exports up slightly

The value of goods exported from the Netherlands was just over 116 billion euro in the first half of 2003. This is 700 million euro or 0.6 percent higher than in the same period last year.

Products exported more or less by export value

Exports of flowers and plants flourishing

Exports of a number of products rose sharply in the first half of 2003. Exporters of flowers and plants earned about 400 million euro more, an increase of 10 percent compared with the same period last year. Exports of oil refinery products, hydrocarbons, cocoa and semi-conductors also increased substantially.

Exports of computers down most

The strongest decrease was for exports of computers. In the first half of 2003 the value of exported computers fell by 1.2 billion euro (-15 percent). The export value of cars and tobacco products also fell.

Value of exports to Germany

Exports to Germany up by most

Exports to Germany rose by most in the first half of 2003, by 0.7 billion euro to 28.5 billion euro. More was also exported to Belgium in this period (+ 0.3 billion euro), pushing up the total value of exports to this country to 14.0 billion euro.

Exports to the United Kingdom and Italy on the other hand fell by 0.7 billion and 0.4 billion euro respectively. Dutch exports to France remained stable at a total of 11.8 billion euro.

Increases and decreases of exports to some countries

Ad Huijsen

Source: StatLine

Export; enkele belangrijke handelspartners (Dutch only)
Export; enkele exportproducten (Dutch only)