Fires cause nearly one billion euro of damage

There were 97 thousand reports of fires in 2002. In just over 46 thousand cases these reports actually turned out to be justified. The total amount of damage caused by these fires was 233 million euro. The share of false alarms rose further in 2002, to 52 percent.

More damage

Nearly two-thirds of the fires had financial consequences. The total damage was 933 million euro, 12 percent more than in 2001.

In the period 1998-2002 the number of fires resulting in damage rose by 18 percent. The amount of damage they caused rose more strongly, by 79 percent.

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Relatively more damage in small municipalities

Across the Netherlands, damage caused by fire was on average 35 thousand euro per fire. The average amount of damage is highest in municipalities with fewer than 20 thousand inhabitants: just over 57 thousand euro. In the four largest cities the average was just over 43 thousand euro.

Nationwide, there were nearly 1,800 fires per hundred thousand inhabitants. Fires were most common in municipalities with 50 to 100 thousand inhabitants: 2,100 per 100 thousand inhabitants. In municipalities with fewer than 20 thousand inhabitants there were 1,400 on average.

Deviations from average damage, and fires with damage, 2002


Forty percent of fires in 2002 were the result of arson or vandalism. The cause of one third of fires was not reported or could not be ascertained. Outdoor fires are caused by arson three times as often as indoor fires.

Dick Boer