More privately run sports centres

Between 1988 and 2000 the number of indoor sports centres in the Netherlands rose by 37 percent (to 2,210) The number of outdoor facilities remained about the same (4,030 in 1988, 4,040 in 2000). The number of swimming pools fell slightly in the same period, from 786 to 760.

Sports facilities and swimming pools

Municipal centres losing ground

Traditionally in the Netherlands, municipalities are responsible for running swimming pools and sports facilities. In the nineties this form of operation shifted more to the private sector, as sports centres were privatised and commercial sports centres entered the market.

In 1988 municipalities were still responsible for the operation of 60 percent of swimming pools and indoor sports centres in the Netherlands. In 2000 this had fallen to just over 40 percent.

For outdoor sports facilities, 87 percent were under municipal management in 1988. By 2000 this had dropped to 79 percent.

Share of municipal sports centres and swimming pools

More private operators

The number of private operators of swimming pools and sports centres rose substantially between 1988 and 2000, to nearly 2 thousand. Their combined profits tripled from 240 million euro to 742 million euro.

Profits of privately run swimming pools and sports facilities

Rob Goossens