Internet use at home: information and email

Most people who have access to the Internet at home go on-line at least once a month. They use the Internet mostly for email and to search for specific information.

Use of the Internet at home by age, 2002

Three out of five people on line from home

In 2002 nearly two out of three people in the Netherlands had a connection to the Internet at home. Three quarters of them went on line at least once a month.

Young people, people with higher educational levels and men use the Internet most. People aged under 25 use the Internet weekly. For older people (over 55), this is around half.

Internet use for private purposes by activity, 2002

Source of information

Once they are on-line, most users look for specific information or use their email facility. Chatting, random surfing and downloading games, music and other software are popular activities for people aged under 25 in particular.

One quarter of users shop via the Internet

Nearly one quarter of Internet users buy products through the Internet, mostly books and holidays.

The main reason by people who do not e-shop is that they have no need for this alternative. Many prefer to go to the shops themselves. One in four people do not buy products because they do not want to pass on personal details via the Internet.

Miriam van Baal and Vincent Fructuoso van der Veen