Government spends more on culture

The government spent 1.6 billion euro on culture in 2001. In the same year the revenues reached 0.3 billion euro. This means that net expenditure on culture was 1.3 billion euro, which constitutes a 55 million euro increase on 2000.

Net expenditure on culture, 2001

Net expenditure on culture, 2001

Half spent on media

Almost half of the expenditure on culture was spent on the media in 2001. Furthermore the professional performing arts, museums and care for monuments were major expenditure items.

In 2001 the expenditure on the professional performing arts increased by 22 percent compared to 2000, totalling 181 million euro. The expenditure on libraries increased to 67 million euro, which also constitutes a 22 percent increase.

The expenditure on museums totalled 145 million euro in 2001. This is a substantial 44 million euro less than the year before. However, in 2000 the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam was renovated, which meant the expenditure for museums was especially high that year. The foundation of the Museaal Aankoopfonds (fund for museum purchases) also increased expenditure in the year 2000.

The care for monuments saw a 20 percent rise in 2001, reaching a total of 134 million euro. This rise was due to the significant investments in the renovation of monuments.

No radio and TV license fees

The per capita government spending on culture increased substantially in recent years. This is mainly caused by the strong rise in net expenditure on the media. The radio and TV license fees were abolished in 2000, eradicating most of the government revenues in this domain. Due to this, the net expenditure on the media increased from 2 euro per inhabitant to 37 euro.

Net per capita expenditure on culture

Net per capita expenditure on culture

Ya-Li Koo