Nearly 9.4 thousand debts restructured in 2002

In 2002 nearly 9.4 thousand court orders were pronounced whereby natural persons with debts beyond their means of repayment were bound to repay them under an official act on the debt restructuring scheme. This is 9 percent more than in 2001. One in six of these restructured debts are debts of natural persons with a one-man business.

The quarterly number of repayment orders under the scheme had been around 2.1 thousand since 2000. It started to increase from mid 2002, however, and in the first quarter of 2003 the number was just over 2.4 thousand.

Court orders for repayment under the debt restructuring scheme

Three-quarters of debtors younger than 45

Two-thirds of debtors for whom the debts are restructured are aged between 25 and 45. One quarter are older than 45 years.

Age of debtors repaying under the debt restructuring scheme

In 2002, 58 per 100 thousand inhabitants were ordered to repay their debts under the restructuring scheme. In the province of Flevoland this number was nearly three times as high. Friesland had the fewest debtors per 100 thousand inhabitants: 36.

Debt repayment orders under the restructuring scheme per 100 thousand inhabitants by province, 2002

On 31 December 2002 a total of 6 thousand orders for restructured debt repayments were ended.

Paul Adema