More vegtables in open ground

The cultivation of most types of vegetables in the open rose in 2002/’03 compared with the previous season. This increase was caused by an increase in both the area and the yield per hectare.

The production of winter vegetables, Brussels sprouts, leeks and kale was down.

Many carrots, asparagus recovers

In terms of weight, carrots are the most important vegetable grown in the Netherlands. Total carrot production rose by more than 10 percent compared with the previous season.

In terms of economic size asparagus accounts for about the same value as carrots. Fewer asparagus are grown, but their price is much higher per kg than that of carrots. The production of asparagus recovered by nearly 15 percent in 2002 following the lower yield per hectare in 2001.

Production of some vegetables in the open

Low yields of winter vegetables because of frost

Leeks, kale and Brussels sprouts are the so-called winter vegetables. Most of these crops are harvested in or just after the winter. In the season 2002/’03 these vegetables suffered from the frost conditions. For leeks and kale the yield per hectare was lower than in the previous year, resulting in a lower overall production. The yield per hectare of Brussels sprouts remained low. The area of Brussels sprouts was also 10 percent smaller, so overall production also remained low.

Less spinach

For leafy vegetables, developments varied. Five percent more iceberg lettuce was gown, while the production of other lettuce varieties and spinach was down.

Reinoud Segers