Live poultry exports: nearly one million birds a day in 2002

The Netherlands exported 209 million euro worth of live poultry in 2002, a total of 346 million birds. Poultry exports have increased substantially in recent years. The total number of birds has even doubled since 1996.

Live poultry exports

Exports mainly to Germany and Belgium

Most live birds are exported to Germany and Belgium: nearly three-quarters of exported live poultry went to Germany in 2002, representing a total export value of 92 million euro.

One fifth of Dutch poultry goes to Belgium: nearly 70 million birds in 2002 with a total value of 63 million euro.

Value of hatching eggs

Hatching eggs: more than half go to EU countries

04 million hatching eggs were exported in 2002, worth a total of 74 million euro. More than half of these (52 percent) were destined for countries in the EU, mainly Germany, Belgium, Italy and Austria.

Nearly 20 percent of the hatching eggs were exported to Asia in 2002. Saudi Arabia, Iran and Kuwait were the main countries of destination.

Wiel Packbier