Water board levies up 4 percent

The district water boards in the Netherlands expect to receive 1.8 billion euro in levies this year, 4 percent more than last year.

Expected revenues from water board levies, 2003

Pollution tax

The expected revenues from pollution tax will rise by more than 5 percent in 2003. Households and businesses will pay a total 1.1 billion euro for clean purified water. This increase will be caused by an increase in rates of an average 5 percent, although increasing pollution will also have an effect.

Poll tax revenues

The expected revenues from the poll tax will be 3 percent higher this year than in 2002. The water boards will receive a total of 0.7 billion euro to maintain dykes and manage water levels. The increase in poll tax is mainly caused by an increase in the rates for this tax.

Changes in revenues from water board levies

Tax burden greatest in the north

With 53 euro per pollution unit, the north of the Netherlands has the greatest average tax burden from water board levies. The south of the country was lowest with 41 euro on average. The lower burden in the south is related to the lower costs of processing sewage sludge.

Average pollution tax rates

Fred Arkesteijn