Nearly 14 million chickens in regions hit by fowl pest

Together, the two regions affected by the recent outbreak of fowl pest the Veluwe (more than 9.5 million chickens) and the Achterhoek (nearly 4.3 million), account for 14 percent of all chickens in the Netherlands.

In addition, there are 429 thousand table ducks and 155 thousand turkeys in the Veluwe; in the Achterhoek, there are hardly any table ducks and nearly 25 thousand turkeys. 

Barneveld, Ede, Lichtenvoorde and Lochem

In the Veluwe region, Barneveld and Ede are the municipalities with the most chickens: 3.0 and 2.9 million respectively.

In the Achterhoek region, Lichtenvoorde and Lochem have the most chickens; 786 thousand and nearly 619 thousand respectively, as the agricultural survey 2002 by Statistics Netherlands shows.

Cor Pierik

Source: Statline (Dutch only)

  • Chickens and chicken farms in the eastern and central cattle farming area, 2002
  • Chickens in the Veluwe and Achterhoek regions, 2002
  • Chickens per municipality in the Veluwe region, 2002
  • Chickens per municipality in the Achterhoek region, 2002
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