Land prices increasing more modestly

The average purchasing price of unleased agricultural land  increased by 4 percent in 2001. This ended a period of skyrocketing land prices. Between 1995 and 2000 the average land price doubled to almost 35 700 euro. In 2001 a hectare of agricultural land cost 37 200 euro.

Average purchasing prices of agricultural land

Price increases levelling off

In 1995 a hectare cost 18 100 euro on average. Withing five years the price had gone up to 35 700 euro. Then there were extreme price rises in 1999 and 2000 of 24 and 19 percent respectively. In 2001 is this was down to a far more modest 4 percent.

New owner

Over 14 thousand hectares of agricultural land changed hands in 2001, roughly the size of the isle of Texel. These transactions do not include ownership changes within the family. Both arable land and grassland have a 42 percent share in this. The remaining land was sold with buildings, or it was horticultural land.

Average purchasing prices for agricultural land by region, 2001

1. Bouwhoek and Hogeland
2. Veenkolonien and Oldambt
3. Northern pasture areas
4. Eastern livestock farming areas 
5. Central livestock farming areas
6. IJsselmeerpolders
7. Western Holland 8. Waterland and reclaimed areas
9. Holland/Utrecht pasture areas
10. River district
11. South-western arable areas
12. South-west Brabant
13. Southern livestock farming areas
14. South Limburg

Most expensive land in the IJsselmeer polders

The IJsselmeer polders, with an average land price of 48 800 euro per hectare, has the highest agricultural land prices. Virtually the same price levels were observed in the area between the rivers (Rivierengebied) and in the south of Limburg.

The cheapest land is found in the Veenkoloniƫn and in Oldambt. The average price here was 27 300 euro per hectare in 2001.

The greatest price increase was observed in the south of Limburg. Here agricultural land increased by more than 15 percent in 2001 on 2000.

Johan Fraeijhoven