Exports to India stable

The Netherlands imported 0.9 billion euro worth of goods from India in 2001, five percent more than in the previous year. Exports of goods to India were at the same level in 2001 as in 2000, at 0.5 billion euro. Total Dutch imports rose by one percent and exports by four percent in the same period.

Increased trade with India in last five years

In the last five years the value of imports has risen by more than fifty percent, while Dutch exports to India increased by 35 percent in the same period. By comparison: total Dutch imports rose by 56 percent in the last five years, exports by 57 percent.

Trade with India

Imports: clothing

Clothing is by far the most important product imported from India, accounting for nearly one quarter of all imports from this country in 2001. Musical instruments and fruit come second and third, accounting for seven and six percent of imports respectively.

Imports of main products from India

Exports: chemical products and machines

Two-thirds of Dutch exports to India in 2001 consisted of chemical products and machines. Organic chemical products (11 percent) and electrical equipment (10 percent) are the main export products.

Exports to India: total, chemical products and machines


The Netherlands imported 46.3 billion euro worth of goods from Asia in 2001, just over two percent of which came from India. This country ranks twelfth as country of origin in Asia. Exports to Asia amounted to a value of 15.5 billion euro in 2001. Accounting for just over three percent of Dutch exports to this region, India is in eleventh place.

Wiel Packbier

This article is the eleventh in a series on so-called emerging markets. Previous articles in the series covered Hungary, Russia, China, Poland, South Korea , Israel, Turkey, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia.