One in twenty children hyperactive

In 2001 nearly one in twenty children aged between two and twelve years in the Netherlands showed signs of hyperactivity. Nearly one in 25 children aged between four and twelve are dyslexic.

Just as many hyperactive boys as girls

Some five percent of children aged between two and twelve had characteristics indicative of hyperactive behaviour in 2001, such as hardly or not being able to sit still and difficulties concentrating. Relatively speaking, hyperactivity is just as common among boys as among girls.

Hyperactivity and dyslexia among children up to 12 years, 2001

More boys dyslexic

When asked whether they had a 4-12 year-old who suffered from dyslexia, nearly four percent of parents answered affirmatively in 2001. Remarkably, dyslexia occurs twice as often in boys as in girls: nearly five percent of boys in this age group are dyslexic, compared with about 2.5 percent of girls.

Ferdy Otten