Lease prices and norms

Average prices of leasehold arable and grass land rose by 35 and 38 percent respectively in the period 1995-2001. In spite of the substantial increase, the price is still below the set average norm prices.

Average regular lease price

Large regional differences

The regular lease price of arable and grass land together was 13 percent higher in 2001 than in 2000, at an average 356 euro per hectare.

Prices for agricultural leasehold land

1. Bouwhoek and Hogeland
2. Veenkolonien and Oldambt
3. Northern pasture areas
4. Eastern livestock farming areas 
5. Central livestock farming areas
6. IJsselmeerpolders
7. Western Holland 8. Waterland and reclaimed areas
9. Holland/Utrecht pasture areas
10. River district
11. South-western arable areas
12. South-west Brabant
13. Southern livestock farming areas
14. South Limburg

The price for agricultural leasehold land varies between 256 euro per hectare in the north-east of the Netherlands and 460 euro per hectare in the south and south-east of the country. Within the regions, too, there are noticeable differences between the average observed price and the norm price. The average lease price is substantially lower in all regions than the norm set for that region.

Observed lease prices and regional norm prices

Johan Fraeijhoven and Frank Muis