More women managers

One quarter of all managers in the Netherlands in 2001 were women. This is nearly twice the number in 1992. While there a few women managers in the private sector, in the health care and welfare sectors the share of women managers is relatively high.

Four in ten workers are women

The labour participation of women has risen substantially in recent years. In 2001 women accounted for forty percent of the employed labour force. The increased participation rates have been accompanied by more women in management positions.

One quarter of managers are women

In 2001, 26 percent of managers were women, this is nearly double the percentage in 1992. It is still smaller than the share of women in higher and graduate positions, though, which rose from 31 to 38 percent in the same period.

Share of women in management and in higher and graduate professions

Few women managers in the private sector

There were three women for every ten workers in the private sector in 2001. The share of women among managers was 13 percent. The private sector includes agriculture and fishery, manufacturing, construction and commercial services.

Share of women by sector of industry, 2001

Many women managers in health care and welfare

Thirty-seven percent of managers in non-commercial services were women. Relatively many women work in the non-profit sector and this is reflected in their share in management positions. In health care and welfare eight out of ten workers are women and women managers are even in the majority.

Annemarie Boelens