House moves often prompted by change in household

In 2000, 1.4 million people moved house in the Netherlands. For more than half of these people the household composition also changed. House moves often coincide with events like children leaving home and couples moving in with each other or separating.

Change in household more likely to trigger move

A change in household composition affected 2.5 million people in 2000. With 711 thousand of also moving house, this puts the chance of a move at 28 percent for those with a change in household. Just over five percent of people whose household composition remained unchanged moved house in 2000.

Chance of moving house, 2000

Leaving home and living together main motives

More than a quarter of those who moved as a result of a change in household composition left their parental homes. Just over sixteen percent moved in with a partner. It should also be mentioned in this respect that half of people who leave home moved straight in to with someone else. Another sixteen percent moved because of a separation from or the death of their partner.

Children and house moves

Nearly fourteen percent of people who moved did so because of their children: either because they had a baby, or because the children had left home. In addition six percent of movers returned to their parental home: the so-called boomerang children.

Movers by motive, 2000

Reason to move related to age

Leaving the parental home is the main reason for young people aged between 15 and 35 years to move. Moving in to live together with someone is most common among 25-35 year-olds, while moves because of a separation are mainly found in the age group 40-50 years. Among elderly people, a main reason is a move to care or nursing home.

Mila van Huis

Source: Monthly bulletin of population statistics, (Dutch only) August 2002.