Malaysian products increasingly popular

Dutch imports from Malaysia rose by 21 percent in 2001 compared with 2000, to 3.7 billion euro. Exports to Malaysia in the same period rose by one percent to 0.5 billion euro. In comparison: total Dutch exports in this period rose by one percent, exports by four percent.

Trade with Malaysia

Steady growth for imports

Dutch imports from Malaysia were fifty percent higher in 1998 than in 1997. In the subsequent period the value of imports rose by just over twenty percent yearly. Machines account for three-quarters of Dutch imports from Malaysia.

Exports variable

Dutch exports to Malaysia rose for the second year in a row. In the years before that the value of exports decreased each year. In 2000 exports were sixty percent higher than in the preceding year. In 2001 they rose by only one percent.

Total Dutch exports rose by 23 and 4 percent respectively in these years.

Exports to Malaysia also consist mainly of machines: 43 percent (0.2 billion euro).

Import value for some countries in Asia


The Netherlands imported 46.3 billion euro worth of goods from Asia in 2001, eight percent of which came from Malaysia. This country is the fourth most important country of origin in Asia, after China, Japan and Taiwan. Exports to Asia amounted to a value of 15.5 billion euro in 2001. Accounting for three percent of Dutch exports to this region, Malaysia is in twelfth place.

Wiel Packbier

This article is the ninth in a series on so-called emerging markets.
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