Increase in scale for tree nurseries

The number of tree nurseries in the Netherlands fell by more than three hundred in the period 1996-2001 to 4,275, a decrease of seven percent. The total area of land used by this sector, however, increased by ten percent in the same period, to 12,409 ha in 2001.

Distribution of plants per area

More than a quarter of the total area is used to grow trees for planting along roads and in parks. The area of ornamental conifers expanded by most between 1996 and 2001: by 45 percent to 3,352 ha.

Concentration in North Brabant

The tree nursery sector is concentrated in the province of North Brabant: more than thirty percent of the total number of nurseries in this sector are located in this province, accounting for forty percent (5,100 ha) of the total area.

Most plants sold to wholesalers

The wholesale trade is the largest customer of plants produced in this sector, buying up just over sixty percent of trees and shrubs. Rose bushes and trees and shrubs for woods and thickets in particular are sold through this channel. Sales to retailers have declined somewhat.

Sales channels as a percentage of total sales

Strong rise in use of collective transport

More and more nursery growers make use of collective transport for deliveries to their various customers. In 1996 one in nine growers use collective transport, by 2001 this had risen to one in three to four nurseries.

Jan Berdowski