More than 80 percent of companies have access to the Internet

More than 80 percent of Dutch companies expect to have access to the Internet at the end of this year. The number of companies with Internet access is expected to rise among companies with fewer than 50 employees in particular. Nearly all the larger companies expect to have access at the end of this year.

E-mail established means of communication

Alongside web surfing, e-mail is still one of the most common uses of digital networks. Some two-thirds of companies make use of these options. Three- quarters of companies expect to have access to these facilities by the end of 2002. In addition companies expect to make use of electronic networks to recruit staff and to communicate with the government, for example by making use of digital tax return possibilities.


More than a third of all companies purchase products via digital networks. Large companies are more likely to use these channels than smaller companies. Fewer companies pay for and receive products (e.g. software) via networks. Requesting information that has to be paid for is also less common. Both small and large companies expect they will make more use of these possibilities by the end of 2002, however.

Own website

Over half of Dutch companies expect to have their own website with information about their products by the end of this year. This is the area where the most extensive growth is foreseen. One third of companies expect to receive orders electronically. Companies also expect to make more use of other digital facilities such as on-line customer service and receipt of payments.

Masja van Bommel