Stable turnover for Dutch fish auctions

The total turnover in Dutch sea-fish auctions was nearly 430 million euro in 2001, an increase of three percent on the previous year.

Value of landed fish

Sole, plaice, cod and shrimp

The total value of sole landed in Dutch fishing ports fell slightly in 2001 to 150 million euro. Sole in the most important product for the Dutch fishing industry.

The value of plaice landed by Dutch trawlers was 110 million euro in 2001, slightly higher than in 2000.

The fishing fleet also landed thirty million euro worth of cod, one fifth less than in 2000.

2001 was a good year for shrimpers. The total value of shrimps supplied to Dutch fish auctions rose by 50 percent to a record level of 45 million euro.

High turnover for small supplies of mussels

The mussel catch fell substantially for the second year in a row. Mussel farmers supplied just over forty million kilos in 2001, more than a third less than in the previous year.

At the same time there was a considerable price increase for this product. Therefore the value of mussels supplied to the auction at Yerseke fell by only five percent, to 72 million euro.

Folkert van der Werf