Fewer tourists in 2001

A total 25.2 million guests stayed in Dutch overnight accommodation in 2001, 2.7 percent fewer than in 2000. They stayed for a total 80.5 million nights, about 2.5 percent fewer than in 2000. The number of nights spent in hotels fell most sharply.

Nights spent in overnight accommodation

Structural changes

Tourist numbers were lower for all nationalities: 1.2 percent fewer Dutch people holidayed in their own country, 7.9 percent fewer Germans, 1.1 percent fewer Americans. Most tourists come from the Netherlands, followed by Germany and other European countries.

Tourists by nationality, 2001

As the number of German tourists was already lower in 2000 than in 1999 (-5.3 percent), in addition to the special circumstances in 2001 (foot-and-mouth disease and the terrorist attacks of 11 September), a more structural change seems to be taking place. The decreases are also visible for American and Asian tourists, although these percentages are relatively small.

Guests in overnight accommodation, 2001

Foot-and-mouth and 11 September

Each month in 2001 the percentage change in the number of guests compared with the same month in 2000 shows large fluctuations. Both the foot-and-mouth crisis ( especially in April) and the attacks of 11 September have definitely left their mark. The fall in the number of Asian and American tourists (after September) in particular were substantial.

Vincent van Polanen Petel