Disablement benefits increase to 981 thousand in 2001

The number of disablement insurance benefits rose again in 2001. In December Statistics Netherlands counted 981 thousand claimants. Four years previously, in January 1998, this figure was nearly 100 thousand lower. More than ninety percent of the increase was caused by the rise in the number of women claiming this benefit. Three-quarters of the increase are for people aged 35 and older.

Disablement insurance benefits, 1998-2001

Largest increase for women

The number of women claiming disablement insurance benefit has risen continuously since 1998. At the beginning of 1998, just over 338 thousand women received this benefit, by the end of 1991 the number had risen to nearly 429 thousand: an increase of 27 percent. The number of male claimants hardly changed: 546 thousand at the beginning of 1998 and nearly 553 in December 2001.

Disablement insurance benefits by sex

Mental illness

Mental illness and behavioural disturbances are the most common reasons for claiming a benefit under the Disablement Insurance Act. In December 2001 one third of benefits were paid to people with such disorders. For three in ten claimants, diseases of the musculoskeletal system were reasons for not being able to work.

Disablement insurance benefits by disorder, December 2001

More general and endocrine diseases were less common causes of inability to work. These include thyroid disorders and hormonal imbalance. Other reasons include disease of the nervous system, eyes and ears (seven percent), and diseases of heart, vascular system and blood (five percent).

Harrie Hartman and Annelies Boerdam