Former suspects awarded 12 million euro in damages in 2001

Former suspects who wrongfully spent times in a police cell or in prison may be entitled to damages. Former suspects whose cases were disposed of without sentence are also entitled to damages.

Requests for damages by former suspects

Fewer claims for damages

In 2001, the number of claims for damages fell slightly for the first time in a number of years. There were two percent fewer claims than in 2000: 4,576 compared with 4,660.

The number of damages claims for wrongful detention fell by three percent to 1,923, while requests for compensation of costs were one percent down at 2,653.

Damages awarded

More damages awarded

The number of cases in which damages were awarded rose again in 2001. Compared with 2000 the number of damages claims awarded for wrongful detention fell by two percent to just over 1,640. The number of claims awarded for costs compensation rose by ten percent to just over 2,380.

Amounts of damages awarded to former suspects

More than 12 million euro awarded in damages

The total sum of damages awarded in 2001 was twelve million euro, about the same amount as in the previous year. Five million euro of damages was awarded for wrongful imprisonment, an increase of sixteen percent on 2000. Seven million euro was awarded in costs compensation, eight percent less than in 2000.

Amounts of damages awarded

Compared with 1990 the total number of awarded damages claims has increased fourfold. The amount awarded rose by much more in the same period: in 2001, six times as much money was awarded in damages than in 1990.

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