Fewer elderly people in homes

At the beginning of 2001, 218 thousand people were living in homes for the elderly and other institutional households. Twenty percent (sixty thousand) fewer than in 1990 when 278 thousand people were living in such institutions.

The capacity of care homes for the elderly has been reduced: in 1990 136 thousand people lived in such homes, while this had fallen to 103 thousand by the beginning of 2001.

Population in institutional households

Old people less likely to move to a home

In recent years, fewer and fewer old people have moved to care and nursing homes, a trend visible for both single people and couples and both men and women. Elderly people in the age group 75 to 85 years in particular, are less likely to move to a home.

Proportion of the total population in institutional households, 1995-2001

Today people move to care and nursing homes at older ages. They are more likely to be single and to have health problems.

Carel Harmsen