Trade with Morocco flourishing

Dutch trade with Morocco has flourished in the last five years. The value of imports rose by more than half and the value of exports to this North African country rose by two-thirds. In the last five years the trade surplus with Morocco has indeed more than doubled to 70 million euro in 2001.

Dutch trade with Morocco

Main import: clothes

In 1996 the Netherlands imported 138 million euro worth of goods from Morocco. In 2001 this had risen by more than half to a value of 210 million euro, the equivalent of nine percent of imports from North Africa which amounted to a total 2.4 billion euro in 2001. The main products imported from Morocco are clothes, food (mainly fruit) and inorganic chemical products. These products accounted for 29, 19 and 16 percent respectively of Dutch imports from Morocco.

Exports up by two thirds

The value of Dutch exports to Morocco rose by 64 percent to 280 million euro. Exported products with destination Morocco account for a much larger share of Dutch exports to North Africa than imported products from his country. Nearly one quarter of the 1.3 billion euro that the Netherlands exported to North Africa ended up in Morocco.

Wiel Packbier