Selling prices manufactured products slightly up in February

The Dutch manufacturing industry raised its selling prices slightly in February 2002. Compared with January manufactured products cost 0.2 percent more. Products sold on the domestic market cost 0.4 percent more in February, while prices of exported products remained unchanged on average. The prices of intermediate consumption were 1.0 percent higher. Raw materials and semi-manufactures bought in the Netherlands cost 0.8 percent more, while prices of imported raw materials and semi-manufactures rose by 1.3 percent on average.

Producers' selling prices and intermediate consumption

Compared with the beginning of 2001 both selling prices and prices of intermediate consumption were lower. In February 2002 prices of sold products was 4.3 percent lower than in February 2001. Raw materials cost 7.3 percent less in February this year than in February 2001.

Gerard Taal