Over half a million people over 55 hold a job

On 31 December 2000 there were 512 thousand employees aged 55 or more. About 492 thousand of them were under 65. That is 30% of the population aged between 55 and 65. Seven in ten persons over 55 in a job was a man, six in ten had fulltime jobs. About 65% of the people who worked after reaching the age of 55 were employed in the private sector.

Share of employees aged over 55 in total work force

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Share of people over 55 increasing steadily

The share of people over 55 in the total work force has been increasing steadily in recent years from 5.5% in 1995 to 7.4% in 2000. The increase may be due to the policy stimulating senior employees to continue working longer. Many regulations encouraging early retirement have become less generous or were turned into flexible pension deals.

The economic upswing in the period 1995-2000 also plays a role. It created a greater demand for employees, and enterprises were less willing to let older people go, or allow them to get by early retirement.

Public sector tops the bill

The greatest share of people working over 55 were employed in the public sector on 31 December 2000. In this sector one employee in nine is over 55. The share of employees over 55 is lowest in the private sector. About 6.8% of employees there are over 55. The subsidised sector occupies the middle position with 7.4%.

Employees aged over 55 by sector, 31 December 2000

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