Young Turkish and Moroccan people often move in with family

In 1999 about 12 thousand young Turkish and Moroccan people left their parental home. Over a quarter of this group chose for an independent life, alone or with a partner. Over 60% exchanged the parental home for an address with three to six other persons.

About one in four young people of Dutch origin who left home in 1999 chose to live alone. One in two for living together, married or otherwise.

Leaving the parental home: the new address, 1999

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First with family, then independence

The young Turkish and Moroccan people often moved in with family: 5 of the 12 thousand moved in with brothers or sisters. About 15% of the 5 thousand Turkish and Moroccan group who moved in with brothers and sisters live with a sibling who was living alone up. Moving in with family often is a first step toward independence. Most young adults will move from living with family to living on their own.

Helma Schapendonk-Maas