Third generation Turkish and Maroccan immigrants still small

The number of non-western immigrants of the second generation has increased strongly in recent years from 385 000 in 1995 to 523 000 in 2000. The second generation, born in the Netherlands is still young: more than 80% is under 20. However, many are becoming of childbearing age. Their children will be considered third generation. This third generation is also born in the Netherlands like their parents.

The third generation is not very big yet, at most 9 000 persons have two or more non-western grandparents. There are considerable more people with one non-western grandparent, namely about 25 000. Over half of them have three Dutch and one non-western grandparents.

Third generation with grandparents born in a non-western country, total, 1 January 2000

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The second generation of Turkish and Moroccan origin make up about half of the total non-western second generation. Yet the third generation of Turkish and Moroccan origin is still very small. According to the calculations there are at most 800 persons with two Turkish grandparents or more and only 300 with two or more Moroccan grandparents. These are people who were born in the Netherlands, like their parents.

The third generation of Surinamese origin is greater: between 3 and 5 thousand people have two Surinamese grandparents or more. The Surinamese make up a substantial part of the total third generation. This is even more so when the people with only one Surinamese grandparent are taken into account as well. There are about 11 thousand people with at least one Surinamese grandparent. About half of them have three grandparents born in the Netherlands and one born in Suriname.

The third generation of Turkish and Moroccan immigrants is substantially smaller than the third generation of Surinamese origin. This is mainly due because the Turkish and Moroccan second generation is younger, and not yet old enough to have children. Moreover, many seek partners in Turkey or Morocco. Children of these couples are considered second generation because one of their parents was born abroad. Surinamese people often have a Dutch-born partner.

Third generation by number of grandparents born in Turkey, Morocco, Suriname, the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba, 1 January 2000 (maximum estimate)

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Maarten Alders en Ingeborg Keij