Four households in ten on the Internet

In June 2000, 7 households in 10 owned a PC while 4 in 10 had access to the Internet.

The number of households owning a PC increased from 4 million in January 1998 to 4.7 million in June 2000. In January 1998 over 1 million households were connected to the Internet. By June 2000 this had increased to nearly 2.8 million.

There is a correlation between education level and PC ownership: the higher the education level the more frequent the PC plus Internet ownership. Of the college or university educated people, 8 in 10 had a PC at home in 1999, almost half connected to the Internet. Less than half of the people with elementary education only own a PC; and a mere 1 in 8 is connected to the Internet.

PC-ownership and Internet access by education level

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The cost of using the Internet in the Netherlands – for small businesses and households dialling in – is almost 50 dollars a month according to OECD figures. This is the average amount for 1995-2000 including the subscription and telephone cost for 20 hours of Internet access per month.

In the Netherlands, Internet access in cheaper than in most other countries of the European Union. However, Internet use in the Netherlands is about 30% more expensive than in the USA and Canada.

Cost of Internet access compared to the Netherlands, average 1995-2000

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Jeroen Devilee