Visitors from home and overseas

Dutch tourists accounted for eight out of ten nights spent on campsites and for three quarters of nights spent in holiday chalets in the Netherlands in 2000. Dutch guests accounted for as many as 90% of nights spent in group accommodation. Germans came second for these three types of accommodation, accounting for between 19% (holiday chalets) and 11% (group accommodation) of nights spent by visitors to the Netherlands.

Guests staying overnight in the Netherlands by nationality, 2000

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Fewer than half of guests staying in hotels and boarding houses were Dutch. Visitors from Great Britain came second, with 12% while Germans accounted for 10%.

One in three overnight stays in the Netherlands were by visitors with a nationality other than the three mentioned above. For chalets, campsites and group accommodations, the share of these nationalities did not exceed 5%.

The number of nights spent in these types of accommodation was slightly down on 1999. Both the number of nights spent by Dutch guests and by visitors from overseas fell slightly.

Vincent van Polanen Petel