New relationship soon after break-up

The number of single people in the Netherlands has risen substantially in the last ten years. This is partly because more young people live together instead of getting married: unmarried couples are more likely to break up than married ones.

Nearly half of these ex-cohabitants are between 20 and 29 years and there are relatively more young women (18-24 years), probably because their partners are slightly older. The relatively high number of women aged over 60 among single people is explained by the large number of widows in this age group.

Ex-cohabitants without a partner

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Ex-partners do not necessarily fall into the category single after a relationship break-up. Some return to live with their parents. A further 3% of men and 20% of women are a parent in a one-parent family.

Household position of ex-cohabitants

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One in five ex-cohabitants are living with a new partner within a year. More men than women start cohabiting within a short period. The remainder of ex-cohabitants do not remain alone long either. Most will be living together with someone else within four years. For the 20-29 age group this is even 70%.

Together again within four years

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Ingeborg Keij and Carel Harmsen