Dutch trade with Argentina

Argentina is one of Holland’s smaller trade partners. In 2000 imports from Argentina amounted to just over 454 million euro, the equivalent of 0.2% of total Dutch imports. Exports to Argentina were worth 227 million euro, 0.1% of total Dutch exports.

For Argentina, trade with the Netherlands is more important. The Netherlands is Argentina’s fourth largest export market. And even when we disregard the transit of goods via the Netherlands to other countries, the Netherlands remains in the Argentinean top ten.

The Netherlands imports mainly agricultural products from Argentina, mostly cattle feed, oleaginous seeds and fruit, and fruit, vegetables and meat. The country is an important supplier of raw materials for the Dutch cattle feed industry. Nearly 12% of imported cattle feed comes from Argentina. For other agricultural products the Argentinean share is much smaller. Only 2.5% of all imported meat and meat products in the Netherlands come from Argentina.

Imports from Argentina, 2000 (total: 454 million euro)

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Chemical products are the main goods exported from the Netherlands to Argentina. The export value of these was more than 104 million euro in 2000. Exports of machines and transport equipment was worth 54 million euro. So the export of these two product groups accounts for nearly 70% of total exports to Argentina.

Exports to Argentina, 2000 (total: 227 million euro)

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In the last five years the import value has fluctuated between 0.4 and 0.6 billion euro per year. The export value fluctuated between 190 and 295 million euro.

Margreet van Brummelen