Retail growth mainly in non-food sector

Dutch consumers spent one quarter more in retail outlets in 2000 than in 1995. The non-food sector has benefited particularly from the recent economic growth. Turnover in this sector was 36% higher than five years ago, while in the food sector takings were 13% higher.

Perfumeries have almost doubled their turnover in the space of five years, and for shop selling sports and camping equipment takings went up by 75% between 1995 and 2000. Growth rates of 40 to 50% were reported for stores selling items related to leisure activities and personal hygiene.

Compared with the non-food sector, food stores lagged far behind, with a turnover growth rate of just over 13% in five years. Such a development is often observed in times of economic growth.

Within the specialist food shop branch, growth rates vary strongly. Fishmongers sold 35% more, while poulterers’ takings remained at about the same level. Cheese shops and greengrocers suffered a 15% loss in turnover.

The turnover in supermarkets rose by 17%. Specialist food shops have been losing ground to supermarkets for some time now.

Retail turnover in 2000 compared with 1995

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Paul Mooijman