One quarter of EU tobacco comes from the Netherlands

The turnover of the Dutch tobacco industry was nearly 3.2 billion euro in 1999, excluding excise duties. This is 5% more than in 1998. In terms of production value, the Netherlands accounts for one quarter of tobacco products in the European Union.

Approximately 15% of the turnover is realised on the domestic market, but by far most of the products are exported to countries in the European Union: 43% go to France and 33% to Italy.

Dutch tobacco exports

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In 1999 Dutch tobacco companies produced 120 billion cigarettes, 2.2 billion cigars and 28.7 million kilos of cut tobacco. The latter includes rolling and pipe tobacco.

France and Italy are the main cigarette importers, while most cigars go to France, Germany and the United Kingdom. About half of cut tobacco is exported, mainly to Germany and Belgium.

Margot de Steur