Meat exports stable

Dutch beef exports remained more or less stable between July and November 2000. The Netherlands exports more than 30,000 tonnes of beef monthly. Exports of offal fit for human consumption – which includes organs such as livers and kidneys – were slightly higher in November than in July at 3,700 tonnes. The exports of these products have dropped sharply since September last year, just as they did in the last months of 1999.

Meat exports

While the export of beef has remained fairly stable and exports of pork have risen only slightly in the last two years, poultry exports have risen more strongly. In the first two months of 1999, 60,000 tonnes of poultry meat were exported. Between July and November 2000, export of these products were constantly above 80,000 tonnes a month.

In terms of value, pork exports have increased by most, although poultry exports have also risen substantially. The increase in values of beef exports lagged far behind pork and poultry, and since September 2000 values have even decreased. So it would seem that the effects of the BSE crisis are becoming noticeable.

Value of meat exports

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Cor Pierik