Families with schoolchildren more likely to have a PC

Personal computers at home are most popular among families with children over twelve and families with a large number of school-aged children. In 1998 nine out of ten families with three schoolchildren had a PC at home. Four years earlier computers were only found in seven out of ten of these homes. About eighty per cent of families with one schoolchild had a PC in the house in 1998, up from less than half of these households in 1994.

PC ownership by number of children attending school, college or university

Families in the highest income bracket with two or more children attending school, college or university spent about 1,400 euros a year on the education of their children in 1994-1998. This is about 2.5 times as much as the amount spent by families in the lowest income group. Naturally, income is not the only relevant factor in this respect, the sum spent on education also depends on the number of children and their ages.

Annual expenditure on education by income class, 1994-1998

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John Michiels