Open Data

Open data StatLine

For more advanced users there are open data services, which allow developers and data analysts to assemble their own queries. This way they can develop new services and apps. Open data are made available electronically in such a way that programmers can use them directly for various applications. It is also useful for retrieving datasets that are too large to show on the screen.

StatLine uses the facility for open data of Statistics Netherlands. This facility is freely accessible for everyone. It makes all datasets in Statline available by so called web services. A more detailed explanation can be found on the web page CBS StatLine databank as open data.

For users of open data the Open data portal is available. This is a catalog of all datasets in StatLine with a short description of each dataset. Here you can find downloads and manuals as well. The portal has a search function to find these datasets. Alternatively, you can use the browse function per theme.

All datasets are available as well through the Dutch national data portal (Dutch only).

Development of open data

The facility for open data uses the oData protocol version 3. Statistics Netherlands is working on a new release, which introduces the oData protocol version 4. In the near future this version will become the standard for StatLine datasets. A beta version of open data version 4 is available, offering a limited number of datasets. Here you can find more information on the differences between the versions and on the transition from oData 3 to Data 4.