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International trade

Date Publication Reason

International trade and transit trade; value, weight, goods, transport mode

International trade, transport, transit trade Continents, NSTR chapters, flow types, value and weight
Frequency: yearly, period: 2007-2019


International trade; import and export values key figures

Import and export value of goods key figures; classification according to SITC (sections) and countries (groups).
Frequency: twicemonthly, period: 2002 January - 2019 December.


Imports/exports; change of ownership; volume and price, changes

Imports and exports of goods Index figures and changes
Frequency: monthly, period: 1995 January - 2019 December


Terms of trade in goods, index 2015=100

Terms of trade, import price and export price of goods Indexfigures, base year 2015=100 and changes
Frequency: monthly, period: 1995 January - 2019 December


International trade; Dutch export specialisation with respect to the EU

Balassa index, share in total exports, exports of Dutch products and re-exports broken down by the Chapters of the Harmonised System.
Frequency: yearly, period: 1996 - 2018.


International trade; Imports and exports of services by country, quarter

Imports; exports; services broken down into various types of services Countries
Frequency: quarterly, period: 2014 1st quarter - 2019 3rd quarter