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Health and welfare

Date Publication Reason

Persons with dispensed medicines; background and generation

Persons to whom medicines were dispensed by background, medicine group, age, sex in absolute figures and as percentage of total population
Frequency: yearly, period: 2006-2018


Life style and (preventive) health examination; personal characteristics

Smoking, alcohol and drug use, being overweight, physical activity, sexual health, nutrition, health examination, giving informal care.
Frequency: yearly, period: 2014-2019


Health, lifestyle, health care use and supply, causes of death; from 1900

Health status, lifestyle, use of health care services, care supply, (healthy) life expectancy and causes of death
Frequency: yearly, period: 1900-2019


Health care institutions; key figures, finance and personnel

Profit/loss account, balance sheet, personnel, self-employed, hospitals, mental health hospitals, residential care for children
Frequency: yearly, period: 2015-2018


Well-being; core indicators, background characteristics

(Un)happiness and (dis)satisfaction with aspects of life Gender, age, migration background and other characteristics
Frequency: yearly, period: 2013-2019