New and revised StatLine tables

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Traffic and transport

Date Publication Reason

Aviation; monthly figures of Dutch airports

Data on flight movements, passengers, cargo and mail at Dutch airports
Frequency: monthly, period: 1997 - 2024 maart


Trade and services; turnover and production changes, index 2021=100

Trade and services; turnover and production changes, index 2021=100 Naar bedrijfsactiviteit (SBI 2008)
Frequency: monthly, period: 2000 - 2023, 2000Q1 - 2024Q1, Jan 2000 - March 2024


Goods transport; modes and flows of transport to and from the Netherlands

Domestic and cross-border goods transport (incoming and outgoing goods transport to and from the Netherlands) for all transport modes.
Frequency: yearly, period: 1998-2022


Transport and storage; turnover change, index 2015=100

Transport and storage; turnover index, 2015=100 By activity (SIC 2008).
Frequency: quarterly, period: 2005-2022, 2005 kWI-2023 kWIV


Motor vehicles admitted; type, age class, 1 January

Active motor vehicle fleet as of January the first Vehicle age
Frequency: yearly, period: 2019-2024


People with a driving licence; driving licence type, age, region, 1 January

Number of people with a driving licence Type of driving licence, age of licence holder, region
Frequency: yearly, period: 2014-2024