Social protection expenditure; functions, in kind or cash, means-test

Social protection expenditure; functions, in kind or cash, means-test

Periods Functions Sickness/Health care (million euros)
2019 76,185
Source: CBS.
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This table provides an overview of social protection expenditure in the Netherlands. Social protection encompasses all interventions from public or private bodies intended to relieve households and individuals of the burden of a defined set of risks or needs, provided that there is neither a simultaneous reciprocal nor an individual arrangement involved. This includes benefits provided by social assistance schemes, social insurance funds, pension funds, benefits directly paid by employers, and direct service provision to households. Benefits can be provided in kind or in cash, and benefits can be means-tested or non means-tested.

The defined set of risks and needs within social protection can be classified in eight functions according to the European System of Integrated Social PROtection Statistics (ESSPROS). In addition, social protection expenditure is classified as provided in cash or in kind, or provided as means-tested or non means-tested benefits. Social protection expenditure is allocated to the period in which the rights for the transaction arose (transaction basis), and not to the period in which the transaction actually took place (cash basis).

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The functional classification of social protection expenditure classifies the benefits of social protection schemes according to their respective risks and needs (functions). A scheme can cover several functions, the expenditure is then distributed over several functions, but double counting does not occur. The sum of expenditure from all functions therefore always gives the total amounts paid out from all social protection schemes in the selected year.
Sickness/Health care
Income maintenance and support in cash in connection with physical or mental illness, excluding disability. Health care intended to maintain, restore or improve the health of the people protected irrespective of the origin of the disorder.