Liquid biofuels for transport; supply, consumption and blending

Liquid biofuels for transport; supply, consumption and blending

Energy commodities Periods Supply Net imports Total pure and blended (TJ) Supply Net imports Pure (TJ) Supply Net imports Blended (TJ)
Liquid biofuels for transport, total 2021* . . -4,672
Biogasoline 2021* . . -2,102
Biodiesel 2021* -47,213 -44,643 -2,570
Source: CBS.
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This table contains figures on the supply and consumption of biofuels and the amount of biofuels that are blended into ordinary petrol and diesel. There are also figures on the production capacity of biofuels. The figures are available both for the total biofuels and for the two types of biofuels used in road traffic and mobile equipment, namely biogasoline and biodiesel.

The supply of biofuels on the domestic market is equal to the sum of production, the import balance (net imports) and the stock movements of biofuels minus bunkers for transport abroad. The import balance also distinguishes between pure and blended biofuels.

Consumption is equated with deliveries from oil companies to pumping stations in the Netherlands. For the most part, the deliveries are biofuels that have been blended into ordinary diesel and petrol and are therefore no longer recognizable as biofuels.

Data available from:
2006, annually

Status of the figures:
This table contains definite figures up to and including 2019. Figures of 2020 are provisional.

Changes as of June 2022:
Provisional figures of 2021 have been added.

Changes as of the 16th of December 2021:
The distribution of road, rail transport and agriculture has been revised for the year 2019. Figures of 2020 have been updated.

When will new figures be published?
Revised provisional figures for the previous year appear in June each year.
Definite figures for the previous year appear in December each year and also new updates of the revised provisional figures will be adjusted.

Description topics

Total amount of biofuels for transport offered for consumption on the domestic market. The total supply is by definition equal to the total consumption.
The supply is calculated as production plus import balance (net import) plus stock movements minus bunkers.
Net imports
Imports minus exports (net imports).
Total pure and blended
Biofuels that are not mixed with ordinary gasoline or diesel.
Biofuels mixed with ordinary gasoline or diesel.